Why Your Kitchen Is The Most Important Room In Your Home

Kate Lambert - August 31, 2018
Why Your Kitchen Is The Most Important Room In Your Home

Have you ever wondered why everyone spends so much time in the kitchen? So have we! While the kitchen was designed to prepare meals, more recently, it has become the heart of the home. Here, we’re taking a closer look at why we all tend to congregate in the kitchen and why this means you need to consider redesigning yours to suit your every need.

The Heart Of The Home

Quite simply, food can help to nurture the body, mind and soul, and without this, we would not survive. As a result, the kitchen where we prepare the food that we need, has become the heart of the home, as we use the appliances within it to ensure that we remain healthy at all times. Further to this, the entire family will use the kitchen on a regular basis, therefore showcasing its importance even further.

Living & Cooking

The traditional function of the kitchen was room to prepare and cook food in. Nowadays, we have seen a shift in the role of the kitchen in people’s homes becoming a cross between living, dining and a place for cooking. Food is a vital part of our life and daily routine consisting of three meals a day and the occasional snack! Therefore, the majority of our free time is actually spent in the kitchen either preparing or cooking a meal. Due to this, over recent years, we have begun to develop the kitchen to be more luxurious and a room we enjoy spending time in. Some kitchens have merged with the living room to make way for open plan, comfortable living.


As we have made the kitchen more of a living area, it has given us bigger spaces which enable more people to be in it. Many social events take place in the kitchen because they tend to be open plan with a living area and dining area within it. Typically, at a dinner party, the host would go between the guests in the dining room and the food cooking in the kitchen. However, now everyone is much more involved in the preparation of the meal because they are all in one space.

By creating a bigger space, it also gives the family the opportunity to spend more time together. Instead of seeing the household’s designated cook in the kitchen and segregated from the rest of the family in the other room.

Increases House Value

When people look around a potential new house, one of the first things they want to see is the kitchen, due to the amount of time that is likely to be spent in there. With the ability to provide a complete experience, the kitchen can actually set the tone for the house. The house must have an efficient and beautiful kitchen otherwise there is a possibility that the potential buyers will rule out that house. Therefore, if you can only remodel one room in your home, then it should be the kitchen because that could be the difference between your beloved house selling or not.


Having the best kitchen is what lots of people aspire to have and take pride in having. The modern kitchen is a popular choice, with exciting new appliances that can add an elegant look to your kitchen.

Years ago, the kitchen had a function and simply fulfilled its purpose. It was generally only where the cooks were, and you wouldn’t dare go in it unless you were looking to prepare a meal. You didn’t show it to anyone and nobody was interested in seeing it. Today, however, we are all very proud of our kitchens and love to show it to family and friends that visit.

Kitchens are an extremely versatile space in your home and offer so many opportunities to mould and shape them into your dream. That is why your kitchen is the most important room in your home and upgrading your kitchen should be something that you consider whether you’re looking to sell, or you simply want to host a few parties. If you are looking to install a new contemporary kitchen or want to encompass a traditional look, then get in touch with our expert team today.