Why You Should Choose A Handless Kitchen

Kate Lambert - April 25, 2019
Why You Should Choose A Handless Kitchen

Here at Lambert Welch Kitchens, we often curate storage and spaces that are leaving old-school cabinet handles behind. Of course, there are still some sleek, contemporary handle designs, but read on to find out how going handless might just be the best option for you, too!

Contemporary Handless Kitchen Design

Although kitchens are functional, here at Lambert Welch, we know there is so much more to the place you cook and live; Handless kitchens are stylish, with satisfying ergonomic and sleek designs they’re designed with the user in mind. Choosing to go handless in your kitchen creates a luxurious, contemporary aesthetic. It minimises fuss which immediately has a deluxe and elegant effect on any space.

Handless kitchens are becoming more and more popular, particularly as many properties begin to favour an open plan designs, as the space is likely to integrate better for a harmonious transition between spaces. Even if you don’t have an open floor plan, another benefit of handless kitchens is that they create an uninterrupted, streamlined effect of countertops and cabinets. Of course, this does help establish an understated and modern look, but this can also create an optical illusion as it draws the eye and appears to maximise the space in your kitchen. A handless kitchen design is perfect for any sized space!

If you’re struggling to decide on the metal finish of your handles, you can always choose to go handless instead. This will allow any metallic fixtures or appliances in the space to really stand out, for example an on-trend copper sink or American style fridge will draw the eye. Of course, you can always create a modern monotone haven by integrating your kitchen appliances, too!

Installing a handless kitchen does create a contemporary look, but it is a style that’s here to stay. By eliminating handles in your kitchen, you won’t need to worry about dating metal finishes or colours going in and out of fashion. Choosing to go handless in your kitchen will create the most elegant aesthetic that is sure to be timeless, promising to be a quality investment!

Best Kitchen Designs For Families 

Another fantastic benefit of handless kitchens is that they are family friendly! They are a great option for a space regularly visited by small children as they reduce the risk of handle-related injuries! Also, if you opt for J Groove style cabinets, they are harder for children to gain access to. This also minimises any need for ugly, obtrusive child-lock features!

A matte finish to your kitchen cabinets will also reduce the risk of young fingertips and marks. But don’t worry too much, handless kitchens are actually so much more hygienic, as there is no groove between the handle and cabinet door or drawer, they’re simple to wipe clean!

View the video on our services page to see the smooth, satisfying touch and soft close tip-on technology available with Lambert Welch handless kitchen designs. Alternatively, visit our showrooms in Muswell Hill, London, N10 3JB or get in touch with a member of our team to begin your bespoke handless kitchen re-design!