What Your Kitchen Says About You

Kate Lambert - August 13, 2018
What Your Kitchen Says About You

For those of us that spend our lives in the kitchen, we probably have an ideal style in mind and may even be lucky enough to have that very style already installed in our homes. In most cases, we tend to look for a style that not only captures the essence of the entire house, but one that will also fit well with our daily lives and even show a bit of personality. However, this can be challenging when there are so many styles to choose from, but if you’re looking to have your kitchen redone, we’re here to help. Here, we are going to look at what each style of kitchen says about you.


A more modern style in your kitchen often features sleek and tidy design filled with smooth lines and plenty of hidden or neat storage space for everything that you may need. This style of kitchen screams not only organisation, but a sense of modern elegance that can be difficult to mimic in other rooms in the home but gives a stunning view to all who visit. Modern kitchens typically come with an island that acts as a conversational area and due to the kitchen often being the heart of the house, this communication area is very important to get right. A well designed, sleek and comfortable island says that you like to communicate, you like having company come around and enjoy what you can offer as a host.


A traditional kitchen is typically for someone who likes everything to be in its place, but may have a taste for something slightly less shiny and futuristic like you may get with a modern style kitchen. A traditional kitchen is still most likely the conversational hub of the house, with a high-quality and durable dining table within or adjacent to it for people to sit and enjoy a good home cooked meal. This kitchen may also have a modern twist with a built-in dishwasher and washing machine into wooden cabinets to not ruin the illusion of this old-style traditional design.


A minimalist kitchen is for those that like a touch of the modern lifestyle without all the gadgets and gizmos. It gives you the sleek design of all things modern, but with traditional appliances to create an incredibly minimal look. If this style of kitchen is your cup of tea, it indicates that you like the finer things in life but might not like it to be cluttered. Everything that is in your kitchen has a place and you are proud that this is the heart of your household. A minimalistic kitchen is also ideal for those that are limited on space, as it allows them to have all the appliances that they need and want without compromising on countertop space making this a far more efficient option.


This style of kitchen focuses very heavily on natural elements, such as wooden countertops and old-fashioned appliances or colour schemes. This could be used in a modern house to give the illusion of an older looking home with a modern twist. Whatever the case, it’s guaranteed to be a talking piece within the house for all the guests that come to visit. These kitchens tend to feature wooden tables that can truly turn the space into a social hub, ready to be used as a place to host and communicate with friends and loved ones.

Regardless of the style that you are looking to choose, it has never been easier to find a kitchen that works for the overall style of your home and suits your personality. Happy shopping! There are so many different types of kitchen that you should find expert help in order to design and fit your new kitchen, so seek professional help from an experienced kitchen designer!