Why you should visit a kitchen showroom prior to purchase

Kate Lambert - September 14, 2017
Why you should visit a kitchen showroom prior to purchase

We aren’t the first to say looks can be deceiving, so why wouldn’t you visit a kitchen showroom before you begin your kitchen renovation? Planning your kitchen transformation is exciting, but also can be an overwhelming experience. During the process, you’ll be expected to make a number of decisions based on the design and final look of your dream kitchen. From cabinet style to colour and functionality, without visiting a kitchen showroom prior to purchase, designing your ideal kitchen is harder than you think. Taking time to browse the options in a kitchen showroom prior to making your final decision is one of the most important steps during your renovation. Here, we’re taking a look at why:

Get inspired!

Visiting a showroom prior to purchase allows you to look at the different display model kitchens that will inspire you on how to arrange the items in your kitchen. You’ll learn how to make use of the space you already have and how to not use too much of it. You may decide to revaluate your kitchen plan based on what you’ve seen. If you order it straight from the web, what you think looks spacious and classy might look cluttered and disorganised.

Kitchen designs continue to evolve and new innovative features are implemented to improve the convenience of them. Visiting a show room gives you the opportunity to see these designs in front of you and identify those you would like in your own home.

Looks can be deceiving

No matter if the business you are buying your kitchen suite from has been in the trade for 5 or 20 years, it’s not to say what you see online is an accurate representation of what you’ll receive. It’s not just about looks though, you may want a specific cabinet arrangement. When you see it in real life, you may decide that the shelves are too shallow for you or there isn’t a sufficient amount of storage space or options for your needs. Seeing it in front of you will give you a better indication to how it will look and give you the opportunity to alter your design before it’s too late.

Like anything, you want to make sure you receive the quality for the price you’re paying and get the most value for your money.

Find a better price

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the process can take a hard hit to your wallet. If there isn’t a discount or offer up for grabs online, you most likely won’t receive one, no matter how much you spend. Nevertheless, if you don’t ask, you won’t get so it might be worth a go anyway. You’re more likely to find promotions at a showroom or store as opposed to online, so going to a showroom in person saves you money too.

Similarly, you shouldn’t settle for the first set of cabinets you lay your eyes on. You might find a more suitable kitchen kit-out elsewhere. Take your time shopping around – your kitchen interior is a long-term investment.

There’s no doubt that the internet is a useful tool to help you plan and design your kitchen innovation – to a certain degree. It’s important to see what you’ll be receiving and speak to experts who can show you how you can make the most of your kitchen space.

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