Things to Consider When Lighting Your Kitchen

Kate Lambert - October 22, 2019
Things to Consider When Lighting Your Kitchen

When designing a new, bespoke kitchen, you’ll probably begin by focusing on the colour scheme, the counter tops, the seating… and the lighting might take a backseat. This is because you might believe lighting isn’t really an important part of a kitchen design – but you’d be wrong. If you leave planning your lighting until the end, it will take a backseat, and then may not make the impact you’d like. Modern kitchen lighting plays a huge role in the way we use a room and how it makes us feel; that’s why restaurants are dimly lit, and offices are bright. As you’re most likely to be using the kitchen for events that require a little atmosphere – such as family get-togethers, entertaining and dinner parties – the kitchen might actually be the most important room in the house for considered lighting.


Kitchen lighting affects your mood…

Anything that affects our senses, affects our mood. Whether this be a lovely smell, or soothing sounds, our senses exist in tandem – and this goes for lighting, too. You wouldn’t want to eat a romantic, dinnertime meal in a blinding light, your mind wouldn’t be in the right headspace! Therefore, it is important to think about the different areas of the kitchen, what you use each section for, and what your kitchen is mainly used for. For example, if you’re a busy mum whose kitchen is the hub of family life, your lighting needs are going to be very different to a young couple living alone.

But this isn’t to say that you must stick to just one type of lighting – utilise clever lighting hacks so that you can create different atmospheres and auras for different occasions – after all, modern kitchen lighting is all about adapting to your changing needs. Your home isn’t used for just one purpose, so why should your lighting be? When planning your new kitchen, try some under counter kitchen lighting or even flood lighting, in addition to your ceiling lights – this means when you turn the main lights off, you will still have a light source from the under counter kitchen lighting to use for those romantic date nights in – without sitting under a harsh beam!

Another good lighting hack is to implement the use of dimmer switches in the kitchen area, especially if you have a kitchen/diner area, or an island/breakfast bar that you eat at. The use of a dimmer switch means you can have a bright light on to see what you’re doing clearly while preparing food (always important when dealing with knives!) but you can turn this right down to prepare for a dinnertime atmosphere when serving up.


Modern kitchen lighting can make your kitchen look – and feel – better…

Lighting shouldn’t just be a necessity in a kitchen – it should be elevated into a luxury.

When lighting is properly considered, it can make your kitchen look bigger, better and much more modern. When you’re investing in a new kitchen, these are the kinds of thing you want, so its worthwhile putting lighting at the forefront of your planning before you start getting into the nitty gritty.
Modern kitchen lighting can make your kitchen feel up to date and contemporary, even if you opt for a classic style. Creating fashionable lighting situations can give you the best of both worlds for your new kitchen – you can have a traditional living situation that won’t date, but it also won’t feel ‘stuffy’ or conservative, due to the modern kitchen lighting you have implemented. Try large, exposed bulbs for a contemporary edge, without taking away from – or juxtaposing against – your classical design.


Where you place it is just as important…

Where you place your lighting is very important – you want different types of lighting in different areas. For example, a bright light over the hob and food preparation area is a great idea, but if your guests are sitting nearby while you cook, you want them to relax in softer lighting. Try spotlights over the workbenches and dimmable lights over communal eating areas – or even some under counter kitchen lighting.

Carefully placed lighting can make your kitchen look bigger – it’s a well-known fact that light spaces feel bigger than dark ones, so plan to point spotlights towards cramped corners and open the spaces up.

Additionally, consider where your kitchen harbours most of its natural lighting – if you want large, bi-fold doors in your new kitchen, you should avoid placing your main lighting source right next to these, as there’s a good chance that section of the room will already be quite well lit.

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