Quooker Flex Tap Wins Product Of The Year 2017

Kate Lambert - March 2, 2018
Quooker Flex Tap Wins Product Of The Year 2017



Quooker have done it again. Recognised at the Dutch Design Awards by winning product of the year with their flex tap; the first boiling water tap with pull out hose.


An indispensable feature of the modern kitchen, the Quooker flex tap provides a boiling-water and mixing tap combination, offering versatility and efficiency in the kitchen. The challenge of providing a two-in one combination tap which is both child-friendly and safe is said to have been “achieved successfully and attractively” according to jury members at the Dutch Design Awards. Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in seconds, steam your veggies in minutes and save money on costly kettle bills.


The flexible pull out hose was a new feature added to the tap to provide ‘more reach and extra functionality’ according to Quooker. Duties of this feature may include rinsing the entire basin and draining board, filling a vase or cleaning a large board. Our customers enjoy the ease of washing inside large saucepans and food processors, blitzing those hard to reach areas. Co-founder and designer Neils Peteri exclaimed ““Innovation focusing on clear, functional aesthetics is in our company’s DNA. This award recognises the input of all our colleagues who have worked on this amazing product with such passion for so many years” upon receiving the award.


When it comes to saving water and energy, you can be sure that the Quooker tap will do just this. You can also be assured that Lambert Welch offer the most competitive prices across all stockists, saving you money too. From now on, there will only be one tap on your kitchen sink.


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