New Year New Kitchen! 2020 Design Trends

Kate Lambert - December 16, 2019
New Year New Kitchen! 2020 Design Trends

Kitchen Trends 2020

Looking to revamp your kitchen for the new year, and want some inspiration from kitchen trends 2020? There’s nothing better than a fresh look for the most social room in the house – make sure your kitchen is feeling up to scratch ahead of the new year with our handy guide to all the best new kitchen design trends 2020.

Kitchen Design Trends 2020:

Handle-less Kitchens

Minimalism is in, in a big way. Gone are the days of junk and clutter filling every drawer, and decorative objects out on the side (and we even mean the kettle and toaster!), clean and chic is here to stay. Cleverly designed kitchens with enclosed nooks and crannies for just about everything (yep, even a cupboard to conceal that pesky microwave) will add a calming aura to your kitchen, while keeping everything clean and hygienic. Cupboards without handles only further add to this, maintaining the clean lines and neutral hues – something our kitchen trends 2020 predictions think will be huge this coming year.

Rich Hues

It’s an old-fashioned thought that only large spaces can be painted dark in order to keep spaces airy and make them feel ‘bigger’ – and kitchen design trends 2020 are proving that this is outdated logic. In fact, sometimes painting a smaller room in a dark colour complements the space more, keeping the ‘snug’ feeling in. Dark colours are actually very convenient in kitchens due to their abilities to cope with stains and marks, with less visible wear and tear. Dark colours will play a huge part of kitchen trends 2020; when designing your new kitchen, opt for rich colours such as dark blues and emerald greens, which can be offset with lighter neutrals, like oak or mango wood cabinets, and marble counter tops.

Purpose-Built Pantry

The word ‘pantry’ evokes thoughts of large, sweeping cellar rooms, filled to the brim with food stock – not entirely realistic for many modern houses. However, the pantry is back on the rise, becoming popular with fans of the minimalist look, according to kitchen trends 2020. A mini pantry can be implemented into your new kitchen with much ease and can be utilised as an excellent space saving solution – meaning you can have fewer wall cupboards, or perhaps forge them altogether (a kitchen design trends 2020 favourite!) Having all your store cupboard essentials in one place also means less food goes to waste or is forgotten about in the back of a drawer!

Gold Accessories

A kitchen sink is a must have – there’s no debate here. However, gone are the days of everything being one boring shade of chrome. In fact, silver is looking quite old fashioned according to kitchen design trends 2020 predictions – and gold is taking its place. While a sink and its various accoutrements (taps, bowl, plug hole) are all kitchen necessities, manufacturers are now savvier that customers don’t just want the ‘standard’, and are creating gorgeous options for all kinds of kitchens. So, don’t be shy, go for gold and choose gilded accessories for your new kitchen!

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