How To Update Your Kitchen For Summer

Kate Lambert - August 22, 2020
How To Update Your Kitchen For Summer 
As the UK approaches a heatwave, you may be wondering how you can update your kitchen decor in time for summer. Whilst our summer house parties and gatherings may be postponed for a little while longer as a result of COVID-19, the kitchen is often a place where families congregate throughout the day, making it one of the most important rooms in the house.

In our latest blog, we’re exploring the different ways you can update your kitchen in time for the warm weather.

Add A Colourful Splashback!

Splashbacks are nothing new, but more and more people are selecting brightly-coloured splashbacks to add a pop of colour into their kitchens. As well as looking stylish, splashbacks serve a great purpose, too. They help to protect your walls from any cooking stains unlike tiles, which can often be difficult to maintain. As glass is water resistant, any residue can be easily removed with a wet cloth or wipe.

Add A Focal Point

Installing a kitchen island is the perfect way to add a focal point to the room, regardless of how big or small it may be. Not only do they create a great seating area for those who want to sit or even work from the kitchen, but they often provide additional storage space which can be efficiently used to store pots and pans or dry foods. Of course, you can also use your kitchen island as a separate work-station which is perfect if your filling your spare time baking with the kids!

Creating A Bigger & Brighter Kitchen

Installing a brand-new gloss kitchen is an excellent way to make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter, which is excellent as the days slowly start to become longer and longer. Gloss kitchens are particularly good for kitchens that are somewhat limited for space, enabling you to bounce light across the room, making it appear bigger. Gloss kitchens are also easy to clean, providing multiple numerous surfaces which can be cleaned in seconds.

Select A New Colour Scheme

Updating your kitchens colour scheme can make all the difference, enabling you to casually update your décor to bring a new lease of life into the room. Selecting a new colour scheme doesn’t necessarily starting from scratch either as, if you already have a simplistic kitchen style in place, you can simply update the accessories to match your desired taste. It’s quick and easy, but these types of changes can go a long way!

Updating your kitchen is an excellent way to prepare your home for summer, whether you are planning on spending more time as a family or want a creative space whereby you can cook all of your favourite meals.


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