How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

Kate Lambert - November 22, 2019
How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

Christmas Kitchen Ideas

As the kitchen is the hub of the house during the festive season, it only makes sense to check everything is in working order prior to the big day. In addition to this, there are design changes you can consider making to enhance your home and to make it as inviting and special as possible for the inevitable entertaining that will take place across Christmas! Here, we put together a few Christmas kitchen ideas.

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Check It Once, Check It Twice, Just Making Sure It’s Naughty Or Nice…

Your kitchen is the heart of the house at Christmas time. This time of year calls for more parties and entertaining than you (and your kitchen!) may be used to; not to mention the influx of large dinners, lunches and snacks we all eat and prepare around Christmas time! This is why when you’re planning out your Christmas kitchen ideas, it’s so important to check whether all your appliances are in good working order – it’s never convenient to discover an appliance has stopped working, but you certainly don’t want to discover your oven’s stopped working while you’re trying to cook a turkey on Christmas day.

When considering your kitchen Christmas décor, think of all the things you may be using this Christmas; such as the oven, extractor fan, hob, kettle, toaster, and anything else electrical that hasn’t been tested in a while. Consider the ages of your items, and how frequently they’ve been serviced or repaired. If it seems like one of your appliances might not make it through the season, it might be best to invest in new. Although an inconvenient expense around an expensive time, it’s much better to be safe than sorry (and your dinner guests will thank you!)

A Kitchen Is For Life – Not Just For Christmas!

It’s no secret that everything ‘festive’ looks quite traditional – it’s the seasonal, regal hues of bright greens, reds and gold that does it. While this is lovely and welcoming over the Christmas season, having a grotto for a kitchen might not be your cup of tea all year round! In fact, many of us favour a more modern kitchen design nowadays. So if you’re looking for a new kitchen design that works for all seasons, it’s best to decorate the ‘big things’ the way you want – items that you can’t easily change, such as tiles, wall colours and appliances – even if they may not be particularly ‘festive’.

Then, when it comes to the festive season, use pops of coloured kitchen Christmas décor for seasonal touches. Festive touches can be added quite simply and at a relatively low cost. We would recommend temporarily replacing kitchen necessities with festive upgrades for that little extra touch, such as kitchen towels, mugs, and even storage cannisters used to keep your dried goods fresh. This way, you can keep your dream kitchen all year round, add a bit of festivity with your kitchen Christmas décor, and then easily remove it come January!

A Festive Facelift For Your Kitchen!

If your appliances have served you well, and you think it’s time for an upgrade (or even a full overhaul) – why not give your whole kitchen a facelift? Lambert Welch kitchens can help give your kitchen the perk up it deserves for the festive season with a gorgeous, bespoke design – think of it as long-lasting kitchen Christmas décor! Our team of expert kitchen designers and fitters have decades of experience in this realm, and know a kitchen must be gorgeous, but also practical and ergonomic. We can incorporate your practical needs into a stunning design, so that your kitchen has all the necessities, without compromising on style. This means your kitchen will be fully prepared for everything it needs this Christmas, while remaining a gorgeous dining space for entertaining.

And if you want to give yourself the best present this year (the gift of a brand-new kitchen!), get in touch with our friendly team here, and we can start planning your dream kitchen today. Or, why not read about some of our other top kitchen tips, here.