Getting Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

Kate Lambert - November 16, 2020
Getting Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

We know it’s not December just yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to get your kitchen ready for Christmas, even if it will be a little different this year. Regardless of how you’ll be celebrating the big day, a lot of time is going to be spent in your kitchen over the festive season, much like it has been the whole year. Here’s how you can add a bit of red and green flare to the hub of your home.

Clean Out Your Fridge! 

The time has finally come to tell your children to put their snack down because you’re “saving it for Christmas” and what better way to prepare that to clean out your fridge to only refill it with all the foods that remind us of December 25th. If you want to be extra secretive about all of the delicious goodies you have bought in preparation for the big day, consider hiding some of those not-so-easily-perishable snacks and jars of treats in cupboards and unlikely places in your kitchen. You’ll thank us later!

Get Festive With A Christmas Garland (Or Two)

Christmas is the perfect to go all out with your decorating, so why not decorate your windowsills and table-tops and whilst it’s acceptable? A festive garland is the perfect alternative to bigger decorations that are likely to take up much more space around the table, helping to keep things under control. Not to mention that garlands can be bought in all shape, sizes, thicknesses and lengths, helping to keep your home somewhat presentable in what’s likely to soon be covered in wrapping paper and glitter.

Update Your Seating Arrangements

So that you can fully enjoy the big day, consider how your seating arrangements may pan out this year. If you have small children, consider where they may prefer to enjoy their Christmas dinner – around the table with the family or in their own separate dining area where they can pull open as many Christmas crackers as they can? If you’re likely to spend a lot of the day in the kitchen cooking up the next meal, consider how a kitchen island may help you to stay sane by allowing family members to enjoy the peace and quiet with you.

Make Space For Festive Food & Drink

Gifting bottles of drink, over-priced chocolates and all of the above is how many like to celebrate Christmas, so it’s a good idea to take this into consideration prior to the big day to avoid being inundated with luscious bottles and truffles. Why not make space on your table or kitchen counter for all of these? It’s the perfect excuse to try something new and enjoy them on display while you can!


If you listen close enough, you can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing. With Christmas almost less than a month away, now is the perfect time to start stocking up your cupboards and consider how you’re going to spread that festive cheer in the kitchen.

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