Easy Kitchen Organisation Tips To Hide The Chaos

Kate Lambert - February 22, 2021
Easy Kitchen Organisation Tips To Hide The Chaos

With more families than ever congregating in the kitchen day in, day out as a result of many businesses new remote working style, it’s easy to give up and let your already chaotic kitchen become even more disorganised. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are several quick and easy ways to jazz up your kitchen space whilst given it that extra clean kitchen sparkle which is often short lived. Here’s how!

Double Your Cupboard Space

Whether or not you have a big or small kitchen, you’re more than likely going to look for some additional storage space somewhere along the line. So, why not double your cupboard space to make good use of those empty spaces? Almost any cupboards space can be maximised by adding additional shelving to the existing unit, making this an inexpensive and relatively quick way to give what you already have a boost. If your cupboard isn’t quite big enough for an extra shelf, why not consider a free-standing standing rack to double up what you can store.

Divide Up Your Drawers

 It’s easy to throw something into a drawer and forget about it until you open it again, but in reality, that small pile of ‘mess’ gets bigger and bigger, until eventually you’re searching the entire drawer for that one thing you need. To keep things a little more organised, we suggest dividing your drawers up into sections, whether that’s by actually using drawer dividers or creating your own to separate one thing from another. You can then arrange each of your kitchen drawers in a way you see fit, improving the day-to-day of working from home life.

Make The Most Of Open Space

 There are numerous ways you can make the most out of the space you have available, including by decanting jars and pasta boxes, for example, into new containers that can be stored safely on your worktop. Not only does this then provide you with additional space inside your cupboards, but it can also be a nice way to jazz up your kitchen area – not to mention a good reminder of what you need to stock up on. Airtight jars are also affordable to purchase and can be found in almost any supermarket, making it a quick and easy fix for those in a rush to declutter their space!

Declutter Your Counters

Decluttering your kitchen counters whilst making it more organised go hand in hand and it’s the perfect opportunity to shift through the things you actually need and those you don’t. We’re almost certain that you have some kind of electric food-related gadget in your kitchen cupboards that you just don’t use, or one that has never been opened taking up valuable space. If so, this is your sign to get rid of it. You don’t just have to throw it away either, consider giving it to a family member or friend or selling it on Facebook Marketplace! It’s a quick and convenient way to sell nuggets of treasure you no longer need and want.


Organising your kitchen doesn’t have to take up all your time and you don’t necessarily need to fork out on expensive units and storage solutions. By utilising these tips, we guarantee that you will have more space to play with and feel much better for it, too!

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