Creating Your Dream Home Office

Kate Lambert - January 27, 2021
Creating Your Dream Home Office

Many of us are working from home right now and are set to continue to do so until at least the middle of year, if not longer. With that in mind, why not turn your makeshift work area into an open plan office space you can enjoy and thrive in? Here’s how creating your dream home office can transform your mood.

Renew Your Energy

There’s nothing nicer than a clear and tidy space to work in, so if you’re currently hopping from room to room at home trying to get comfortable, consider creating a space which allows you to work and provides you the chance to renew your energy when you close your office door at the end of the day. Give yourself time to recharge and relax by moving all your work-related belongings out of sight out of hours and at the weekend to help encourage some more “you” time. 

Tidy Life, Tidy Mind

Papers, pens, notebooks, pencils and sketches. Sometimes it can all get a bit too much when working from home. Some even say that they feel trapped within the same four walls! A tidy life equals a tidy mind, so consider the different ways you can clear your head when working from home. There are numerous organisation ideas and hacks out there to help you stay in control, whether you’re looking to may day-to-day tasks that little bit easier or need to overhaul your workspace in order to make it work for you!

Stay Motivated

If you’re working from home in a poorly decorated, cluttered room, you may be finding it difficult to stay motivated, especially as most of the country is now in its third lockdown. If you’re feeling a little bit “meh” redecorating your home office can really help to lift your mood, helping you generate a new perspective on working from home. Consider the colours that lift your mood and how you may be able to integrate them into your office. Do you want to be subtle in how you integrate them, or paint an entire wall in your colour of choice to remind you that you’ve got this?

Make The Most Of Available Space

The world is your Oyster and your office is your pearl. Take the time to plan your office to make the most of the space you have available. Recently, we’ve been encouraging clients to utilise our partners such as Next 125 to help them build a practical yet warming home office space. Start considering how you can do the same and start changing the way you work from home!

Your Home Office Is More Than Just Another Room In Your Home

It’s important to remember that your home office is more than just another room in your home. You should take pride in its appearance and in turn you’ll be able capitalise on the good mood vibe it gives off. This is your sign to create your dream home office!

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