Cosy Autumn Décor Ideas For Your Kitchen

Kate Lambert - August 28, 2019
Cosy Autumn Décor Ideas For Your Kitchen

With Autumn just around the corner, more and more of us are already breaking out the jumpers, jackets and even a scarf or two in preparation for the cooler weather. As our wardrobes change, so too should the décor in our homes. As our kitchens are often a social point of the home, where better to start injecting that almost magical cosy feeling? From crafting statement pieces to crafting cupboard displays to last the entire season, here are our cost autumn décor ideas for your kitchen.

Statement Centrepieces

Regardless of whether you have a traditional or modern-style kitchen, centrepieces can make or break the overall design. Statement displays at the centre of a kitchen island or a table will inject a burst of colour into even the most minimalistic of kitchen designs. Craft a centrepiece with autumnal hues, like flaming reds, warm yellows and reddish browns to bring some of the magic of autumn into your home. If you prefer keeping your kitchen décor minimal, you may not need any additional decoration at all. You can keep it useful too, by crafting the display around a fruit basket or some themed napkins – the choice is truly yours.

A Kitchen Revamp

If you’re an autumn lover through and through, it could be time for a complete kitchen revamp. Switch out brighter colours for wooden accents and cupboards, injecting those warm autumn-inspired colours into your kitchen not only during the season but throughout the entire year. Buttermilk yellow hues, chocolate browns, khaki shades and other earthy tones can keep your kitchen adaptable through every month of the year. Take a look at our portfolio for inspiration.

A Cupboard Display

Open cabinet displays are a great way to inject that sought-after décor without disrupting the day to day activity in your kitchen. Figurines, candles, signs, fake or real fruits and pumpkins and other related decoration can go a long way to bringing the autumn feeling into your home. You can keep things rustic and traditional, or inject some unusual or darker colouring to help transition from autumn into the winter period.

Vases And Autumn Blooms

If you really want to bring the autumn inside, what better way to do so than by quite literally bringing it inside? Invest in some different sized vases and create autumn blooms for an au natural decoration idea. Alongside the traditional pumpkins around your home, you could include fire star dianthus, nemesias, chrysanthemums and any other red, yellow, orange and purple blooms you see fit.

Decorate The Table Or Centre Island

On a similar strain to the centrepiece, decorating your table and kitchen island can be a great way to get that autumn feeling without having to decorate the entire kitchen. Take a look around and see if you can find a cute table runner or tablecloth and start building up the decoration around this. Matching the centrepiece for the table, your placemats and coasters and even the napkins can craft a neat, seamless look between every part of your decoration, giving you that picture-worthy decoration you’ve been craving.


If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen this autumn, contact the team here at Lambert Welch Kitchens for bespoke designs to suit your home.